All Good Things Come to an End

Sunset Over Patricia Lake Marlin and Laura Hum

It’s hard to believe, but after 25 years of homeschooling, this season of my life has come to a close. What a journey it’s been! So much fun, yet so difficult. So time consuming, yet so relaxed. So enlightening, yet so humbling. So rewarding, yet so disappointing at times. Seemingly endless, yet now a thing of the past. My feelings are just as mixed: happy, sad, proud, doubting, hopeful, wistful, outward-looking, reflective, etc. They are prone to change from one minute to the next. I guess that’s all part of the transition from homeschooling for so long to being…..retired.

Can I use that word? It has been defined as “to leave one’s job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment.” Its origin is from the French verb retirer, meaning “to withdraw to a place of safety or seclusion”. Well, I didn’t get paid to homeschool; I still have plenty of work to do; and I’m not ready yet to become a hermit! I’ve come to the conclusion that I am being repurposed for God’s glory. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the lessons that the Lord has taught me during my homeschooling days, and I know that he will continue to lead me and give me his grace for whatever I will have to face in the future. If there’s one thing that this homeschooling journey has taught me, it’s that I have a loving heavenly Father that I can trust. It’s his faithfulness that has kept me steady all these years, and his faithfulness is the rock that I will continue to build my life upon.

Let me take this opportunity to wish my readers a very blessed Christmas season with your loved ones. If you are a homeschooling mom or know one, my devotional book Stress-free Homeschooling is available online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble in ebook format, or if you prefer to flip pages, I still have some copies in softcover format. (Fill out contact form on this blog to order). I wrote it to encourage other homeschooling moms. It would make a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend!

2 thoughts on “All Good Things Come to an End”

  1. Wow! I didn’t have as many homeschooling years under my belt as you, but I still had grief at the end. It helped that I kind of got to “part time ” homeschool a friend’s kid until this school year. Blessings on your new adventure!


    1. Thank you so much, Heather! I’m still teaching a children’s Bible class, so I’m not totally done with lesson planning yet. But as you can understand, my feelings are mixed at this stage. I’m grateful for who my children have become, but sad that this season with them has ended for good.

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